I would appreciate your help.  Reading a technical article today, I came across 
a casual reference to "Standard SQL" as if it was a well-known thing.  This 
worried me since I've never heard the term and I'm meant to know about such 

It doesn't seem to refer to the official standard for SQL, which is huge and 
contains a plethora of features implemented once or never.  The author seemed 
to think it was a sort of 'core SQL' – features identically implemented by all, 
or most, of the well-known SQL engines.

The one possibility I can think of is SQL:1999.  This is the first version 
which has features marked as 'mandatory' or 'optional'.  A full implementation 
of all mandatory features could, I suppose, be called "Standard SQL", but I've 
never heard of that term being used for that.

Have any of you been using this term for a meaning other than "Fully conforming 
to SQL:2019 (or whatever version you think current) ?  Do you have 
documentation somewhere ?  Or are my suspicions correct and there's no such 
thing ?
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