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> Nobody bothered to actually show the downside of increasing this value to
> e.g. 10 thousands but everybody immediately proceeded to grumble.
> What is the justifiable rationale to not change the default?

The maximum number of variables used to be unlimited (or, at least,
only limited by the ability of a 32-bit integer to count them).  But
that was shown to facilitate a DOS attack.  Anyone who could inject
SQL could do "SELECT ?2147483647;".  This would cause SQLite to
allocate an array of 2147483648 elements, each of which is 72 bytes in
size, in which to store all of the parameters, potentially using up
all available memory in the process.  Even ?32767 uses a big chunk of
heap memory - more than embedded systems people are comfortable giving
up - especially if the attacker can trick the system into creating
multiple prepared statements with ?32767 in them.  The allocated array
lives for the life of the prepared statement.
D. Richard Hipp
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