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> Subject: [sqlite] Skype client using SQLite?
> In reference to
>    http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/tktview?tn=2592
> This is the first public indication we have had that
> Skype is using SQLite in their windows clients.  However,
> the person who wrote the ticket seems to be a bit confused.
> Can any able hackers in the SQLite community confirm that
> the Skype windows client is using SQLite?  It would be
> nice to add them to the page of high-profile users.

Bundle.dat file also confirmed on Windows Skype, found it:
C:\Documents and Settings\<user account>\Application Data\Skype\<skype 

In my case the tables are populated.  Example below.

sqlite> .schema
CREATE TABLE bupdate (uri text, type text, meta text, prio integer,id integer, b
ody blob, terms blob);
CREATE TABLE events (id intenger, event integer, event_time integer);
CREATE TABLE install (uri text, type text, meta text, prio integer,id integer, b
ody blob, terms blob);
CREATE TABLE itemkeys (id integer, keys text);
CREATE TABLE reported (id integer, exposed_cnt integer, exposed_time integer, ex
ec_cnt integer, close_cnt integer);
CREATE TABLE stats (id integer, exposed_cnt integer,exposed_time integer, exec_c
nt integer, close_cnt integer,last_expose_start integer, exposing_now integer);
CREATE INDEX bupdate_id on bupdate (id);
CREATE INDEX bupdate_uri on bupdate (uri);
CREATE INDEX events_id on events (id);
CREATE INDEX install_id on install (id);
CREATE INDEX install_uri on install (uri);
CREATE INDEX itemkeys_id on itemkeys (id);
CREATE INDEX reported_id on reported(id);
CREATE INDEX stats_id on stats (id);

sqlite> select * from install;
ui/banners/main/81|text/x-rich|information|10000|81|<banner autoopen="skype:?cal
lfeedback&reason=random&questionnaireid=79"/>How is your call quality? Please <a
 href="skype:?callfeedback&reason=random&questionnaireid=79">give us your feedba

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