On Thu, 11 Oct 2007 02:40:22 +0000, drh wrote
> The BEGIN, ROLLBACK, and/or COMMIT only happen on the outermost
> "transaction".  Of course, it is kind of silly to nest 
> as shown above.  But this is useful, for example, when each
> "db transaction" is really in a separate procedure and the
> procedures are nested.

Wow, I didn't know [transaction] nests!  Thanks.  I had written some
untrustworthy code to only invoke [transaction] on the outermost stack frame;
it's great to know that I can get rid of it.

>From the documentation:

"Also, BEGIN does not nest, so you have to make sure no other transactions are
active before starting a new one. The 'transaction' method takes care of all
of these details automatically."

You might want to be a little bit more clear about the fact that [transaction]
nests even though BEGIN does not.

Andy Goth

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