I have two databases, an in memory main database consisting of a single table, 
and a disk based database consisting of multiple tables one of which is also 
the same table as the one in memory database.

Let's say in memory database table "foo" consists of records 1-4000.  The "foo" 
table in attached database "db2"  consists of records 3000-4000.

All writes are updates after initializing the in-memory database.  What I want 
to do is execute "UPDATE foo set val=xxx, where recordid = yyyy".

Now, I wish to write to both the attached database, and in-memory database when 
recordid  is between 3000-4000.

Is there a way to do this without executing the update statement twice, once 
for foo, and also for db2.foo (which means conditional logic, testing for 
recordid range)?

Thanks in advance.

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