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> I have two databases, an in memory main database
> consisting of a single table, and a disk based
> database consisting of multiple tables one of which
> is also the same table as the one in memory database.
> Let's say in memory database table "foo" consists of
> records 1-4000.  The "foo" table in attached database
> "db2"  consists of records 3000-4000.
> All writes are updates after initializing the in-
> memory database.  What I want to do is execute
> "UPDATE foo set val=xxx, where recordid = yyyy".
> Now, I wish to write to both the attached database,
> and in-memory database when recordid  is between
> 3000-4000.
> Is there a way to do this without executing the
> update statement twice, 

No. Because:
1- you can't update a join
2- you can't define a trigger over
   main and attached databases

> once for foo, and also for
> db2.foo (which means conditional logic, testing for
> recordid range)?
> Thanks in advance.
  (  Kees Nuyt
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