I just ran Dennis's test databases through the test application and
we're getting similar results:
        1k Pages (17.4 MB) used 18102 KB High 20416 KB
        4k Pages (12.2 MB) used 18102 KB, High 26416 KB (not sure why
the high is higher?)
My test database however with the same test application produces the
        1k Pages (7.46 MB) used 22735 KB, High 25138 KB.

So it looks my issue could be data related if my test database going
through the same app is coming out so large, Dennis's database is
expanding to about 101.6% of its original size but mine is expanding to
297.6% of its original size.  This begs the question is the 3rd party
tool (SQLite Analyzer) I'm using to import from an excel file causing
this expansion with bad data type choices?  And is there any other way
to import table structure and contents from xls (or csv) to sqlite?

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Brown, Daniel wrote:
> 2. And the other thing to try would be if anyone has a fairly meaty
> database they don't mind sharing that I could fling at my test
> application to try and rule out the data?


I can send you copies of the databases I am using for my testing, both 
the version with the 1K page size (17.4 MB) and the one with the 4K page

size (12.2 MB).

Where would you like me to send them? The zipped versions are each about

1.3 MB in size.

Dennis Cote
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