Brown, Daniel wrote:
> I just tried with rebuilt data from SQLite Analyzer in SQLite 3.6.1, I'm
> still seeing a memory usage that is roughly three times the size of the
> source database file, looking at your changes to my test there doesn't
> seem to be any fixes that would resolve that.

No, I don't think any of my changes would have changed the behaviour of 
your program (except for getting the correct memory values displayed).

> I can see the memory being released when I close the SQLite database in
> the teardown stage of my test, so I'm fairly sure the memory is being
> used by SQLite and the built in memory profiling would seem to support
> that.  I haven't had to make any changes locally to get the PC version
> of 3.6.1 compiling so I don't think that is the issue, could it be some
> sort of configuration or library issue?  I'm building in Visual Studio
> 2005 SP1.

Can you provide a copy of the database file you are using? If so they 
usually compress quite well using a zip utility.

Dennis Cote

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