I need to write an application to manage appointments. Most of them
are recurrent, with no end-date, while others are one-shots, and the
user must be able to schedule reccurent appointments but be able to
tweak some of them if need be.

To investigate whether I need to bother keeping two tables (one-shots,
recurrent, and merge both to display the actual appointment book), I'd
like to see how SQLite performs if I use the brute-force approach,
which is pre-creating appointments till eg. 2100. Not very smart, but
if it works well...

Do I need to loop through this, or is there a command that lets me use
a single INSERT using something like pseudo "START_DATE, END_DATE,

sqlite> create table agenda (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, date VARCHAR,
sqlite> insert into agenda (id,date,label) values (NULL,"20080902",
sqlite> commit;

Thank you.

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