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Gilles Ganault wrote:
>       I need to write an application to manage appointments. Most of them
> are recurrent, with no end-date, while others are one-shots, and the
> user must be able to schedule reccurent appointments but be able to
> tweak some of them if need be.

BTW the way most apps, phones and even standards manage this is by
storing a list of events each of which has start and end dates for
repeating, and a list of exceptions.

A one shot event would have no start or end date.  An event that repeats
forever would have a start date but no end date.

The exceptions override existing repeating events.  For example say you
have an event that repeats every Tuesday at 3pm.  If I want it to be 4pm
for next Tuesday then I'd create an exception event pointing at the
original but with a different time.  You also need exception events that
can cancel an existing one.

In your user interface or equivalent you have to establish when a user
is editing a repeating event whether they are changing just that one
instance or the series.  The former edits/creates exceptions and the
later edits the original.  Most applications just flat out ask you when
editting which one it is.

You should also look into vCalendar/iCalendar standards since that will
make import/export easier and make your life easier if you structure
your data similar to what they require.

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