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> SQLite bug report
> Summary:
> --------------
> error message:
>       Error: near line 2: database or disk is full
> It happens with plenty of disk space available and with 'unlimited' database 
> size.
> It does not happen on all systems. It does not happen on small databases.
> Details:
> ----------
> The error occurs on
> - windows server 2003 SP2 64bit, windows server 2009 64bit
> - windows vista, windows 7 rc1, windows 7 - all 64-bit
> The error does _not_ occur on
> - windows server 2003 SP2 32bit, windows xp sp3 32 bit

Just a short note, we experience very similar problem with our program
and the symptoms match exactly. So far we were unable to reproduce it
reliably on our systems, but we have plenty of bug reports from
production systems. I will post more details soon.

Our database files have page size 4Kb and all of the affected systems
are running Windows. We use incremental vacuum mode and the file sizes
are commonly over 1 Gb large, file system is NTFS (afaik).

Best regards,
Filip Navara
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