Apologies for not answering earlier, I* was away.
I've never used Process Monitor - the whole setup you describing is new to me - 
but I will try to do something about it in the coming week. It has to be a 
background project for me - I do not use SQLite in production. 

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 SQLite bug report


 error message:

       Error: near line 2: database or disk is full

 It happens with plenty of disk space available and with 'unlimited' database 
 It does not happen on all systems. It does not happen on small databases.

I run your scripts with SQLite 3.6.21 on Windows 7 64-bit on NTFS
rive and unfortunately I run out of disk space before the problem
anifested. Would it be possible for you to setup Process Monitor with
ilter on the database path (just the path, so both journal and the
ain database file are in the log) and history depth set to 1 million
the lowest value) and then capture the file accesses during the run
f the reproduction scripts? It is possible to save and export the
ata then for further analysis and hopefully it will give a clue on
hy it happens.
Best regards,
ilip Navara
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