>  First, I'm sure it is nearly impossible to do this as a
>  guaranteed, atomic operation on most OSes and filesystems.  ...
>  Second, if this is meant to look like a cleanup operation on the
>  original file, the original file (including any filesystem meta-data)
>  should be kept in-tact.  ...
>  Last, file manipulations of this sort aren't supported by the current
>  VFS interface, and (IMHO) with good reason.  ...
> ...
>  However, it might be nice to have a "VACUUM TO <file>" version of the
>  command.

Thanks, Jay (and Pavel too), you gave a very detail description of the
situation. Although unlikely your interesting suggestion (VACUUM TO) will be
implemented, I think one always make his own equivalent if it is necessary
(creating a subset of operations from sqlite3RunVacuum)

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