On 23 Mar 2010, at 4:55pm, Martin Sigwald wrote:

> sqlite3_open(DB_NAME);
> sqlite3_close(DB_NAME);
> ping_server(""); //my ping function, which pings a "hardcoded" IP,
> doesnt interact with DB
> If I run that code, the package nevers gets send (can't detect it with
> Wireshark). If a comment the sqlite part, it works perfectly. Somehow, the
> SQlite function calls are screwing with the port access, but I can't fin any
> reasonable explanation.

Fascinating.  Okay, first try changing the DB_NAME to something else.  If the 
original is a file on a network share, try a local file.  Or try a file in your 
home folder.  Or try a SQLite database in memory.

Another approach is to omit the _close.  Just for your test application.  Or 
put the _close after the ping_server.  I know it's bad programming but there's 
no actual code there anyway.  See if it's the _open or _close that's the 

If neither of these give you a clue to the problem you could possibly copy the 
sqlite3 functions from the source code and include them specifically into your 
source code.  Then start stripping the functions themselves down to the bare 

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