We are in the final phases of development for SQLite version 3.7.0.   
The key enhancement over version is support for the use of  
write-ahead logs for transaction control.  See 
  for additional information on how this might enhance your  use of  

The transition from to 3.7.0 is a large one, and we would  
appreciate beta testing.  Recent snapshots of SQLite can be found at 
  and those snapshots pass all of our extensive tests.  But testing  
can only prove the existence of bugs, not their absence and so we are  
eager for others to try out the latest code changes, and in particular  
the new write-ahead log feature, and let us know your experiences,  
before we make the next release.

Please provide feedback - positive, negative, or indifferent - to this  
mailing list.

We are currently aiming to release 3.7.0 sometime during July.  Thank  
you in advance for your help in testing this important new release.

D. Richard Hipp

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