Roger Binns wrote: 

> I'll bet you are actually getting exit(3) which means anything 
> registered with atexit will be run.  (SQLite does not register with 
> atexit.)  

I knew what Nico meant :) just repeated him for expositional clarity 
(deeming the distinction to be unimportant for my particular question,
and figuring that most people mean exit(3) when they say exit(2)).

> In my wrapper I provide functionality that can check SQLite objects are 
> not being used across processes.  
> I'd recommend doing something like this 

My fork call is from Tcl -- you've convinced me to add a line in the 
child unsetting the Tcl variable containing the name of the parent's 
database connection.  :) 

Your wrapper is nice -- have you considered folding something like it 
into the core (disabled by default, enabled by a compile-time flag) and 
submitting it to drh for official adoption?  

Thanks much to both of you!


Eric A. Smith

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