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On 07/12/2010 08:53 PM, Nicolas Williams wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 08:43:32PM -0700, Roger Binns wrote:
>> Earlier you were trying to optimise out calls to getpid() and now you want
>> every SQLite function source to be changed?
> No, just entry points into the library.  What makes you think that I
> meant that every function in the library should check this?

I also meant entry points but wasn't specific.  There are a lot of them that
acquire/release mutexes and every single one would need to be modified. That
was my original approach until I hit on the idea of swizzling the mutexes

> but when it comes to
> POSIX file byte range locking (at least for Solaris anyways, which is
> what I know best, implementation-wise) you can assume that the only
> broken thing about them is their semantics, not their implementations.

Having spent a lot of my commercial programming life with many different
Unix implementations, including Solaris, I do not trust them, especially for
little used functionality.  And Solaris had many bugs in the past, but I
haven't touched it in the last few years to form a recent opinion.  (Like
this one time when I found Sun's NFS implementation was broken based on log
messages on an HPUX machine and then doing packet capture, and Sun invented
NFS ...)

In any event this roughly comes down to me saying to assume they are
untrustworthy until it can be substantially be proven otherwise, and you
seeming to believe that they are all correct seemingly based on
extrapolating from a recent version of Solaris.  Or being a pessimist and
optimist respectively :-)

This doesn't really matter.  It is easy for anyone to add this functionality
to SQLite by swizzling mutex pointers, does not require any changes or
recompilation of SQLite, and can have whatever error behaviour desired, plus
whatever micro-optimisations will make them happy.  A straight forward
implementation with an application that spends all its time in SQLite and
with synchronous turned off (ie no disk waiting) will have a 1% performance
penalty.  Consider that a worst case.  If enough people find this useful
then there is a case for modifying SQLite itself.

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