Hi there.

I've been playing around with sqlite.
Very impressed so far.
Using 3.5.6 in windows developing with Clarion.

My question(s)
If I want to use the "insert or replace" to populate my database of
around 1 million records.
And I want to do it as fast as possible.
What are all the tricks I can use?

I've read http://web.utk.edu/~jplyon/sqlite/SQLite_optimization_FAQ.html
And looked at some of the various pragmas.

But would PRAGMA locking_mode = EXCLUSIVE for instance give me an extra
speed increase?
Do we have a page in www.sqlite.org dedicated to speed optimization?

I currently use the following pragma's (for speed)
temp_store = 2

Any others I could try?

I also wrap my statements (about 500 inserts at a time) with a begin/end
After these 500 i take a few seconds to read more data so sqlite should
have time to do any housekeeping it might need.

I had a count(*) to check how many inserts was actually done(4 progress
bar) - and this slowed my down very much.
Took it out, and want to use "select total_changes() " to keep track of
Any problem with that?

This is my 1st post here and I have a feeling I'm asking to many
questions at once? :-)


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