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> 2010/7/8 Jay A. Kreibich <j...@kreibi.ch>
> > > It's not helpful for backward compability. How about version downgrade of
> > > the Android or some other mobile OS and as result impossibility to open
> > > any SQLite database?..
> >
> >   That's not backwards compatibility (newer versions working with items
> >  from older environments), that's forwards compatibility (older versions
> >  working new items from a newer environment).
> >
> I did speak about "Backwards Compatibility" chapter from
> http://www.sqlite.org/draft/wal.html

  Which pretty much says "if you turn this on, the file will not work
  with older versions until you turn it off."  What's the issue?

> > It is no different than a new(er) application that uses newer APIs
> > not working on an older version of the OS.
> And how many such changes in POSIX file API?.. I think SQLite API as
> applications file format is similar to POSIX file API.

  Which is why you're using bleeding-edge features in an
  unreleased development version?

  If it is just a file API, use the system libs in their default
  configuration and be done with it.


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