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> Was that a facetious remark???
> Rather than "here's a function/pragma that allows you to put the journal
> file where you want -- but BE CAREFUL BECAUSE..."
> Writing you own VFS is not for the casual user...
> I was trying just to find where the journal filename was created but
> there's no "db-journal" string in either the .h or .c file.
> It would be trivial to add a function to set it via the C interface.

Putting the rollback journal in any directory other than the same directory
as the database file is an dangerous thing to do, because it risks being
unable to locate the rollback journal after a crash, resulting in database
corruption.  Hence, we have no intention of supporting such a feature.  If
you really need it badly enough, you can write your own VFS to make it
happen.  Yes, writing your own VFS is hard to do.  But this serves to
discourage people from doing it, which is what we want.

D. Richard Hipp
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