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>> Was that a facetious remark???
>> Rather than "here's a function/pragma that allows you to put the journal
>> file where you want -- but BE CAREFUL BECAUSE..."
>> Writing you own VFS is not for the casual user...
>> I was trying just to find where the journal filename was created but
>> there's no "db-journal" string in either the .h or .c file.
>> It would be trivial to add a function to set it via the C interface.
> Putting the rollback journal in any directory other than the same directory
> as the database file is an dangerous thing to do, because it risks being
> unable to locate the rollback journal after a crash, resulting in database
> corruption.  Hence, we have no intention of supporting such a feature.  If
> you really need it badly enough, you can write your own VFS to make it
> happen.  Yes, writing your own VFS is hard to do.  But this serves to
> discourage people from doing it, which is what we want.
Well, I'm wrong.  Turns out we are going to help you hang yourself after
all:  I forgot about these features:

     PRAGMA journal_mode=MEMORY;
     PRAGMA journal_mode=OFF;

Set one of those and you get no disk I/O from reading or writing the journal
file.  And you will corrupt your database on a crash.  On your own head be

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