On 15 Jul 2010, at 4:52pm, Matthew L. Creech wrote:

> This exists in many Linux systems as "/dev/shm", or even "/tmp" would
> work fine for a lot of users.

I don't think so.  Just like the older SQLite journal system, it's important 
that the WAL files survive through a crash.  SQLite finds the WAL file the next 
time the database is opened, and uses the contents to restore the database to a 
sane and useful state.  Most forms of Unix wipe the /tmp directory during boot, 
so the WAL file would not survive.  And /dev/shm is sometimes real RAM storage 
so naturally that will be empty after a boot too.

These options work fine for read-only databases but read-only databases don't 
actually need a WAL file at all.  Rather than spend time writing code to move 
the WAL file to a different place, it makes more sense to spend that time 
writing code so that a WAL file is not made at all for a read-only database.

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