Many thanks for your prompt and thorough response.

Just a couple of follow-up questions if I may:

Firstly, a bit more background information.  The system will be running on
Linux (kernel > 2.6.0) and all accesses to the database will be via local
disk (ext3 or similar).

1) I appreciate your explanation about any any open connections to the file
still being able to write to it until they close it.  I suppose that 'fuser'
could be used to send a SIGTERM or similar to the processes holding open
file handles.  I will have to give some additional thought to how I go about
this 'delete' operation.

2) Regarding, SQLite and open handles to a database, that is fair enough
that it does not have a mechanism send alerts to all processes connected to
a given DB.  However, I am surprised that it does not at least possess a
list of all open handles to a given database.  If I had that, then I could
close all DB connections either before the delete or after.  Are you sure
that such a list does not exist?  Wouldn't it use it for mechanisms like
'unlock notify' and 'busy handler', etc?

3) Finally, am I correct in thinking that if I used 'pragma locking
exclusive' that I can lock the entire database even after closing my


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