Dear all,

Thank you for all your valuable suggestion, it's good idea to put the whole 
script here, also good idea everytime to check the result, so I put the whole 
script here:
The $result always returnĀ false, it don't allow me to create a simple table, 
table name surely not exist, I change tbl3, 4, 5, all not able to create. (that 
could be the same reason why insert is not working, if not even able to create 
table, let alone insert.)

$dbh = new PDO('sqlite:db1.db');
$result=$dbh->query("create table tbl2 (one varchar(10),two varchar(10));");

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On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 2:17 PM, Simon Slavin <> wrote:

> For each operation you should test the $result and check to see it's

Or enable exceptions and you don't have to check for errors (because they
will cause an exception).

----- stephan beal
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