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> The $result always return false, it don't allow me to create a simple
> table, the
> table name surely not exist, I change tbl3, 4, 5, all not able to create.
> (that
> could be the same reason why insert is not working, if not even able to
> create
> table, let alone insert.)

Are you running this over the web or the command line? If you are running
over the web, make sure that the web server's user has access to write the
db file AND to the write to the directory containing the db file (it needs
this in order to write the journal).

> <?php
> $dbh = new PDO('sqlite:db1.db');
> $result=$dbh->query("create table tbl2 (one varchar(10),two
> varchar(10));");
> var_dump($result);
> ?>

Can you show us the OUTPUT of that command?

And i highly recommend reading:


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