In our application we have two threads implementing a signal logger 
functionality, see pseudo code below.
Thread 1: Reads signal data, and log to a global in-memory SQLite database 
after a pre-determined number of reads.

 1   while( true )
 2  {
 3     // Buffer data, blocks until new data is available
 4     buffer.append( readData() )
 5     ++numberOfReads;

 7     if ( numberOfReads == maxReads )
 8     {
 9        globalTransactionMutex.request()
11        begin transaction
12        insert bufferered data to "main" in GlobalDbConnection

13        commit transaction

15        globalTransactionMutex.release()
16        numberOfReads = 0;
17     }

18   }

Thread 2: Upon user action, transfer data within a specified time window from 
the in-memory database to a database file

19  while( true )

20  {
21     waitForUserAction()

23     DestDbConnection = Create destination database file Dest.db

24     close DestDbConnection

26     attach Dest.db with GlobalDbConnection as "Dest"

27     transfer log data from "main" to "Dest" in GlobalDbConnection using 


29     globalTransactionMutex.request()
30     detach "Dest" from GlobalDbConnection 

31     globalTransactionMutex.release()
32  }

Attaching the destination database Dest.db and transferring data (23)-(27) work 
without any hassle.

The problem we're facing is that the detach statement (30) fails with error 
message "SQL Logic error or missing database".

The transaction is protected with a mutex, so it should not be possible to 
execute the detach statement (30) during an ongoing transaction. Moreover, both 
threads have the same priority, so we don't have any dead-lock issues.

The code in Thread 2 (19) -(32) seems to work fine in a single threaded unit 
test. We're using SQLite v. 3.6.21 on Windows XP.

Does anyone have any idea about the source of this problem? Have we missed 
something regarding SQLite and multi-threading?


Pontus Bergsten
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