I only read the documentation in sqlite3.h.

Thanks for the tip.


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Skickat: torsdag, 21 juni 2012 13:46
Ämne: Re: [sqlite] Problem with concurrent transaction and DETACH DATABASE

On 21 Jun 2012, at 9:53am, Pontus Bergsten <> wrote:

> were it was stated that
> "You should be in the habit of calling sqlite3_reset() on each query as soon 
> as that query finishes. Otherwise the query *might* leave a read-lock on the 
> database file and thus prevent subsequent write operations for working 
> correctly."
> I suppose that the "*might* locking part" should be explicitly stated in the 
> SQLite API documentation for step/reset.

The documentation for the use of statements has it:


It doesn't tell you what will go wrong if you don't use _finalize() but it does 
tell you when to use _reset() and that you must use _finalize().

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