In trying to see if the new version breaks any of my queries, I ran several of them repeatedly, and they all appear to have produced the expected output.

The only thing I noticed which maybe of interest in relation to speed performance was (with .timer on) that although the first two run time numbers (real & user) were consistently smaller in 3.8.7 (when compared to 3.8.6), the third number (sys) was consistently higher (or same in one occasion). I guess the first number is the actual time (in seconds) it took to run the query. I don't even know what the 2nd and 3rd numbers represent, and how or if they maybe related to the first one. Is that increase in sys to be expected?

A few examples from many more I tried that all follow the same pattern (same query & database in each case):

3.8.6: Run Time: real 2.434 user 2.386815 sys 0.000000
3.8.7: Run Time: real 1.856 user 1.778411 sys 0.062400
3.8.6: Run Time: real 584.465 user 560.293192 sys 1.638011
3.8.7: Run Time: real 518.227 user 430.469159 sys 53.617544
3.8.6: Run Time: real 2.449 user 2.340015 sys 0.046800
3.8.7: Run Time: real 1.935 user 1.794012 sys 0.046800

(Thank you for two great solutions I use daily -- SQLite3 and Fossil)

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