In the vein of configurability, and in a day dream I just had, it would be
nice (But probably not possible as there could be compiler directives you
can't use at the same time) that we could have a single output
DLL/SO/whatever dumped from the compiler that had everything available,
then, via defaults in the source code, IF/THEN/ELSE (or whatever the C
equiv is) operations are considered to have certain functionality run
during the query process.  Via a configuration file, or via pragma which
would be generated based on a configuration, feature sets could be set at
run time.

One fault with this would be the issue of COMPILED size.  I realize we're
in an age where we generally talk megabytes instead of kilobytes in regards
to main thread compiled code, but I'm sure there are platforms out there
that are using SQLite that have to fit in the kilobyte range, and need
special compiled sources.

The advantage to this is that I wouldn't have to compile X number of DLLs
for Y number of programs to get the results I need, just have one
configuration file kicking around that I can adjust as needed.  It'd also
help with fine tuning to validate whether I need certain features turned on
or off.

On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 1:15 PM, Roger Binns <> wrote:

> On 24/09/14 06:19, Simon Slavin wrote:
> > How much max is max ?
> Not giving up ACID.  But for example stat4 is better than the default
> stat1.
>  Memory mapping (especially on 64 bit) is great.  So is WAL.  All are off
> by
> default.
> If you want to give up ACID then you should really be on your own to look
> at
> the various tradeoffs.
> Roger
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