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> On 2014/11/13 15:01, Dinesh Navsupe wrote:
>> My need is 23 decimal digits of precision. We work on complex payout
>> calculation engine where in formula outputs are quite large numbers and
>> clients do not want to round off.
If IEEE double is not good enough, you can use already suggested string or
blob based representation, or store the integral part and decimal part in
separate integer-typed columns, which have also the advantage to be smaller
for small values than larger one (varint format [1]). Or if your exact
arithmetic package is based on rational numbers, store
numerator/denominator in separate columns similarly. Both remaining
human-readable like string, and it might be faster to re-instantiate your
custom integer type than parsing a string. FWIW. --DD

[1] https://www.sqlite.org/fileformat2.html#varint
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