Can anyone tell me answers against below my queries?
Since I'm beginner of SQLite, please forgive me about
so basic queries.

1) For Windows platform, there are 2 dlls on SQLite download page.
    means, for 32bits and 64bits Windows OS.
    However, in my understanding, the dll for win 32bits can work
    also on 64bits win OS with WOW64 as it is.

    Is there any special reason why there are 2 dlls on the page?
    And the dll for win 32bits doesn't work on win 64bits OS
    in spite of exsistance of WOW64?

2) I have compiled the amalgamation source code on win7 32bits OS.
    Though I haven't specified any compile option, in this case,
    For which OS platform is the generated binary?
    for 32bits win OS or 64bits win OS?

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