On Thursday, November 13, 2014 04:27:02 PM Shinichiro Yoshioka wrote:
>     Is there any special reason why there are 2 dlls on the page?
>     And the dll for win 32bits doesn't work on win 64bits OS
>     in spite of exsistance of WOW64?

While a 32 bit version will work on a 64 bit Windows as you said, it will not 
work when linked to a 64 bit application. The 64-bit version is supplied for 
developers of 64-bit applications.

> 2) I have compiled the amalgamation source code on win7 32bits OS.
>     Though I haven't specified any compile option, in this case,
>     For which OS platform is the generated binary?
>     for 32bits win OS or 64bits win OS?

32 bits.

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