On 2015/01/28 20:06, Mario M. Westphal wrote:
1. I don’t have the damaged databases here so I cannot run the diagnosis 
myself. The databases are usually too large to upload or transfer.

2. The SQLite version I currently use is (complied using the Amalgation 
and Visual Studio 2012).
But since not every user always keeps up to day, older versions of SQLite are 
also in use, some maybe 3 to 4 four months old.

Hi Mario,

Thank you for being specific. I have to ask, what were the changes you implemented in your application a few months ago? SQLite seems to not be in general worse for wear, but almost weekly you are getting serious problems (in DB terms) cropping up - and this only started some months ago. The common denominator seems to be "some months ago", so your system may have changed in a way that somehow facilitates the error.

Of course you already pointed this out, so it's understood, but my aim is that: if you could list the changes you have made recently in general and maybe specific to SQLite usage, we might better guess at which things to check or recognise similarities with problems we've faced. That said, there are not many design choices that might cause "Database malformed" errors and since you are already familiar with all the documentation, we could assume you would have noticed anything obvious.

All this makes it very hard to guess. Getting specific logs with the improved error reporting would be helpful as Richard suggested, or making your app "phone home". Are the come-backs all random? Do you have your own server running a user version or test version under full load at your own offices perhaps?

Also, getting one Malformed Database a week out of how many? 5, 500, 500 000? (Not that it changes anything, there should be no incidents, but it might tell us something about the prevalence). Does your system have a back-up mechanism? (The DB sizes you describe seem to suggest you would shy away from an auto-multi-backup scenario).

I know all of the above do not help directly, but this error seems strange so I 
am simply prompting for more information.

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