- The databases in question are stored on a location hard disk or SSD.

- If a user stores his database on a NAS box or Windows server, it is accessed 
directly, via standard Windows file system routines.

- From what I can tell, network-based databases are not more likely to corrupt 
than databases stored on built-in disks or SSDs or databases kept on disks or 
USB sticks connected via USB.

- My software is updated every 2 to 4 weeks, and I always include and ship with 
the latest SQLite version. 

- There is a big variance in when users update so some users may work with 
versions several months old, but not older than 2 months, typically.

- A user may access a database from multiple computers, but then only in 
read-only mode. Write access is only permitted when the database is opened in 

- I use SQLite since about 2008, but the code base is changed frequently. I 
maintain old databases (up to maybe one year old and use them in regression 
tests before shipping). 


-- Mario

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