Hi list:

I've built a Windows desktop app using MS Visual C++ and SQLite. It works fair 
well in local mode, but now I need made it work over a TCP/IP network.

My question is if some in this list can suggest a library to that purpose, on 
the basis that I have not concerns on questions like concurrency, access 
permissions or encriptation. Preferable a light weigth open source C/C++ 
library. Not .NET, MFC or other external dependencies, although Boost Asio may 
be Ok. (already I'm using it)

Of course, I've done some dig in Google, codeproject, Stack Overflow, and so 
on. But at the moment I have not a formed opini?n on that respect. Not to say 
that in most cases, the concern turn around questions like performance, 
concurrency, threads and so on. In this respect, the SQLite Network page 
(http://www2.sqlite.org/cvstrac/wiki?p=SqliteNetwork) seems a bit outdate, and 
that by the way, a reference, the one of "uSQLiteServer and Client" seem to 
refer to a dangerous site (Google Chrome security warning).

Any sugestion or comment are wellcome.

Adolfo J. Mill?n

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