Hello all,I am struggling the whole day with this pragma. The problem is it 
does not return any results (I am using C api).Tried both with self-compiled 
amalgamation and pre-compiled binaries for Windows x64 (downloaded latest from 
SQLite.org).Just even not a single row this call returns.Tried to obtain it 
both through callback and using sqlite3_step .However, if I call "select sql 
from sqlite_master where (type='table' AND name='tableName');" , I do get the 
Create statement.What could be the problem, guys?I am freaking out.Just need to 
get the COLUMN names for a table, and to be safe in case the table is empty (so 
can't use 'SELECT'), but hell I do not want now to over-complicate it with 
writing a parser to the Create statement...
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