CypherMK wrote: 
> So what to do next?

Take a look @ the log...
Then start lms again and open the album with the id 791eed66
That Artwork is bad that means lms is crashing and you cant open
You'll need to use a sql statement to get the album /path for that id.
Something like 
    sqlite3 /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/library.db "select url from tracks 
where coverid like '791eed662' limit 1;"


Since you use torrents there is a minor change that all the files are
You see errors in the smallest files like *.jpg and its hard to believe
that all the other files are ok when the smaller files are bad.

I didnt have any problem with you but i buy my stuff and rip that (that
means my money and my time) and i dont want to spend my time to
-someone- who (i think you know what i mean) uses cheap stuff...
Yes some of my friends have vinylshops, but when i support you - i can't
look in the mirror anymore cause why should i do all the money and
timeconsuming stuff when there is a "cheap" way too?

To make things short - its a failure in your library files not a failure
in lms - so this thread has stopped interesting me.

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