DJanGo wrote: 
> Take a look @ the log...
> Then start lms again and open the album with the id 791eed66
> That Artwork is bad that means lms is crashing and you cant open
> http://lms:9000/music/791eed66/cover
> You'll need to use a sql statement to get the album /path for that id.
> Something like > 
  >   > sqlite3 /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/library.db "select url from 
tracks where coverid like '791eed662' limit 1;"
> > 
> But...
> Since you use torrents there is a minor change that all the files are
> correct.
> You see errors in the smallest files like *.jpg and its hard to
> believe that all the other files are ok when the smaller files are
> bad.
> I didnt have any problem with you but i buy my stuff and rip that
> (that means my money and my time) and i dont want to spend my time to
> -someone- who (i think you know what i mean) uses cheap stuff...
> Yes some of my friends have vinylshops, but when i support you - i
> can't look in the mirror anymore cause why should i do all the money
> and timeconsuming stuff when there is a "cheap" way too?
> To make things short - its a failure in your library files not a
> failure in lms - so this thread has stopped interesting me.
> ok!?

I tried using the sqllitestudio to find the 791eed66 id. Could not find
it. When I searched for eed66 I could find a jpg file. Especially the
filename was odd. It was something like: F030D8.jpeg.jpg. Can't remember
exactly, but the jpeg.jpg was odd. Removed the file. Removed database
and scanned again. Not seeing the same error again.
But....LMS is still stopping. And I don't know what to do next....
Any clue where to search now?

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