dbasskin wrote: 
> This may be a very old, or self-evident question, but can anyone help?
> I'm running LMS on a Mac Mini. I'm using 7.9, but this issue has been
> there forever. None of my apps show up from the web interface, whereas
> they all show up from the web interface on my other LMS, 7.7 on a
> ReadyNAS box. I can get access to apps like Pandora and Spotify from
> both servers when using iPeng to control them via my iPhone, but if I
> were to judge by the web interface only on the Mac-based server, they're
> not there. Any idea what may be causing this?
> David Basskin

Check you've entered your credentials, LMS > Settings > mysqueezebox.com
tab and click "apply" bottom right.


LMS on Raspberry Pi 3/max2play/HiFiBerry DAC+ > AVI DM5

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