mherger wrote: 
> > I am experiencing a searching problem. When using quick search window
> I
> > get 0 (zero) results.
> Are you searching without a player connected? Do the DEPRECATED warnings
> correlate timely with your searches?
I have two players connected. DEPRECATED warnings are not correlated.
They are appearing exactly 4 times a day, at 5:00 AM which is my set
rescan time.

mherger wrote: 
> next macOS version might drop 
> compatibility with our (admittedly old) code for the preference pane. 
> Some of the calls we use have been deprecated. They could pull them any 
> time. And moving forward will break PPC compatibility.

I don't care about preference pane, and suppose anyone who stays at
OSX/PPC does not care, too. Would it be hard to keep PPC compatibility
with just command line interface?

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