DavidBulluss wrote: 
> Paul, I pointed LMS back to the playlist folder on the ReadyNAS and
> rescanned. The playlists in pCP /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/slimserver/Cache/LMS
> playlists still remains, but LMS not pointed to it. When I open up
> playlists in LMS gui every playlist is duplicated... does that mean that
> if the folder is in pCP (/mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/slimserver/Cache/LMS
> playlists) that LMS doesn't need to be pointed to it manually?
> I also added the mount options you suggested and changed the folder
> permissions to octal 0777, and LMS can now write playlists to
> theReadyNAS. Question, in your opinion, am I better to keep playlist
> folder on ReadyNAS with the library or separately on the Raspberry?
> Cheers, David

I am pretty clueless on all this.

I keep my playlist folder on a tiny USB stick attached to the server Pi
(see sig), this way it survives if the SD card goes bad. And I can read
and write to it in Windows. 

A complete clear and rescan will clear your duplicate playlist problem.

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