streifenleopard wrote: 
> Hi there,
> I have tried and stored various radio stations under favourites. However
> their icon will not display in the favourites list. This is also the
> case when adding them to the playlist. On the other hand, the icon
> displays fine in the 'now playing'-section of the interface. 
> BTW this is true for the browser interface and for the Squeeze CTRL-app.
> I am aware that the reason might also be inconsistent signals from radio
> stations but I guess that wide range stations like KEXP would be sorting
> out their streams. 
> It also seems to me that it had worked alright a couple of months ago...

It might be the way you added these stations. To quote myself:

dolodobendan wrote: 
> The RSS logo is used when radio station is added in "Playing Now". If
> added browsing the search results, the station's logo is used.

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