mherger wrote: 
> > My Music -> Genre -> Oldies
> At this level I'd get artists, right?
> > It will show artwork from previous playlist (in this case,
> Renaissance
> > music)
> On the Now Playing screen? You should see whatever artwork is stored 
> with the currently playing song. But this has nothing to do with 
> playlists. Maybe you can show a screenshot of what you're seeing?
> -- 
> Michael

Yes - I just restarted the LMS server, and the duet. Opened test
playlist (based on genre = Oldies) and in the now playing screen, it has
the Renaissance image for Aretha Franklin ...

I think I will clear the datatbase, and rescan ... try again.

here is what is look like --

|Filename: LMS-Playlist-test.JPG                                    |

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