I stumbled across an old Chromecast audio in a box of tangled wires ...
I set it up again (and accessed it via the chromecast plugin) 
Excellent. I pushed the audio out to a mini Avantree Priva iii aptx BT
transmiiter.  Sounds great on all the bt headphones I've tried.  The
Priva has an extensive range so there are no dropouts.   

The Avantree transmitters are really good - The Priva (39 USD) is a
small round disk but only has 3.5 mm input.  The Audikast (49 USD) has
an additional optical input.  5-10  dollar discounts are often

LMS server: Pi Zero

Amp: Denon PMA-50

Players/Speakers:  Touch, Logitech Radios, Sonos Play 1s & Beam,
Libratone Zipp, GGMM E2 & E3, Yamaha WXAD-010, Loewe Airspeaker, Google
Home Mini, Pioneer WX-SMA1, Roberts S1, O2 Joggler, Cisco Joggler

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