Hi Michael;
I have the following 'problem':
When I look at i.e. a podcast list, each podcast has its own unique icon
/ image.
But when I select one podcast from the list and go to the now playing
screen (i.e. material skin, but also std skin), it briefly shows the
unique image, but flips back to the std. Podcast image after 1 second or
You can try to see what I mean by including i.e. this Podcast into your
podcast list and looking at the list (with the unique icons) and then
select and play one (and then only see the std icon of that podcast):

Maybe related: 
When I select i.e. Deutschlandfunk Kultur 101.3 (Kultur) from the Radio
List, I also get only the std. icon of that station, whereas I am pretty
sure that in earlier builds of LMS, the icon updated to the currently
playing song releated image (I still get the song info, just not the
corresponding image)

As stated, I am pretty sure that this behavior changed during evolvement
of LMS. (Sorry that I can not pinpoint the build when that happened)

-> Is there a way to get the 'unique images' back?

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