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> When you go to the web interface, Settings, and on the first page, for
> your Media Folders, click the Browse button, you should see various
> expandable file system locations.  If you cannot expand one of them
> (because there's no + character), this shows you that you don't have
> full disk access for the given area.  This is a quick way for you to
> test as you're working to get permissions to work.
> Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Full Disk Access, and
> unlock the settings.  Click the + button.  Now type Cmd+Shift+G.  This
> will open a dialog where you can type a path.  Enter /usr/bin and then
> select perl to add it.  Do likewise for /bin and select bash.
> I don't recall if I had to start/stop the server after this, but certain
> need to hard refresh that LMS server Settings page.  After I configured
> the settings, I was able to then assign my paths and LMS worked.

I came to the forum after several hours trying to rescan the music on my
Mac portable hdd’s and failing. I’m sure I was able to use LMS after
Catalina was installed, but I removed all my hdds and shut the Mac down
when I went away for a few days.
Anyway, I’ve successfully added Perl to Full Disk Access, but I can’t
find bash in the list. There are words spelled bash.... (can’t recall
the variants). Please advise before I go nuts!

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