notechyet wrote: 
> Hi All
> I have just managed to setup my old SB classic again with the LMS on a
> laptop. All is working well incl. Spotify.
> During my LMS setup searches I have read here and there a bit regarding
> setting up a LMS on Raspberry. For a long time I have been thinking to
> get a Raspberry Pi for Pi-Hole.
> Now would be the time for me to get both setup. Would someone be able to
> elaborate a bit how to go about it as I am thinking about a RB pi 4b??
> Thanks in advance

There are several ways to run LMS on a Raspberry Pi. I've been using a
Raspberry Pi model 3 as a server for some time now. In my case I have
the music library on a NAS, and both the NAS and the PI are wired to the
router. The Pi is running piCorePlayer - setup is quite easy and there
are threads in the Linux/Unix forum here. See also I've found that keeping LMS and its plugins
updated is very easy (easier than when I ran LMS on the NAS).

My Pi-based LMS server is just a Pi model 3 in a cheap plastic case that
sits on top of the NAS. I have never used a Pi4, but I've read concerns
about its running temperature so you may need to investigate different
cases from that perspective.


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