ralphy wrote: 
> I remember creating a linux i386 and win32 flac binary with the patch,
> but testing stalled after the initial tests confirmed that the change
> worked.
> Links to the binaries and details are in the 'slimserver-vendor pull
> request #72' (https://github.com/Logitech/slimserver-vendor/pull/72).THIS 

Now I see that a similar problem arises with mp3 files. Instead of
jumping to the next track in the queue, when seeking the track is
restarted. Lines in custom-convert.conf are:

  mp3 flc * bc:5f:f4:bf:3e:70
        # FT:{START=--skip=%t}U:{END=--until=%v}
        [lame] --mp3input --decode --silent $FILE$ - | [sox] -D -q -t wav - -t 
flac -C 0 -b 24 - gain -6.9 equalizer 30 0.43q +6.2 equalizer 699 2.00q +1.0 
equalizer 2924 4.11q -1.7 equalizer 6031 5.05q -6.2 equalizer 9825 4.08q +2.2 
equalizer 83 4.24q +1.3 equalizer 209 1.54q -1.2 equalizer 2842 0.1q +0.2 
equalizer 12443 1.29q +2.7 equalizer 19698 0.46q -11.8

I'm going to investigate some more, as the START and END variables are
not called in the line... so it's understandable they don't work, I
I'll come back with my findings later.

In the meantime, thank you so much to everybody that chimed in to help.
And a special thank you to ralphy for providing the solution. I think
that build should be part of the standard distribution of LMS, btw.

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