gorman wrote: 
> Edit: can anybody explain the use of the --until=v% command when using
> flac decoding? With the above line in ffmpeg I've got complete seek
> functionality and I don't get if I'm missing something and what would
> that be.
I suspect if the Flac file has embedded CUE to identify tracks within
it. - then there is a "start time" and  "end time" for each track.

from top of convert.conf

  # %S - stream samples start offset (not yet implemented)
  # %s - stream seconds start offset
  # %t - stream time (m:ss) start offset
  # %U - stream samples end offset (not yet implemented)
  # %u - stream seconds end offset
  # %v - stream time (m:ss) end offset
  # %w - stream seconds duration

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