gorman wrote: 
> Can you skip with that line?

Yes, I can skip (i.e. go to the next/previous track) as well as go to
particular points in individual tracks using a Squeezebox Touch, the web
UI (with Material Skin) or iPeng.

Then again, I'm running LMS on Debian and using the Squeezelite version
in the repositories, while you're on Windows, so perhaps that explains
the different outcomes?

If your approach (decode flac and mp3 to wav, pipe wav to sox, apply
effects, then re-encode and output flac) works for you, I'd leave well
alone (except that, for simplicity's sake, you may want to delete "-C 0"
from the output specifications, as SoX's default FLAC compression of 5
will do just as well).

Anyway thank you so much for documenting this; I've learned something

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